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The Pan & Scan: Johnny Depp + Siri – Beard Beads x the Future = TRANSCENDENCE

By IMAX on April 18, 2014

It’s Friday, you know the drill!


Alright pull out your pencils and a sheet of paper!

Johnny Depp + Siri – beard beads x the future2 = TRANSCENDENCE

Get your tickets to see Transcendence in IMAX® theatres this weekend.


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Hogwarts is now enrolling. Apply now!

Ever wondered what Alfonso Cuáron did in order to win the Oscar for Gravity? It may have involved getting expelled from film school…

I bet you didn’t know that you needed THIS in your life…

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[SPOILERS AHEAD] – What’s psychology behind spoilers? Pajiba breaks down the truth about why people spoil.


Whatever you do, don’t let George R.R. Martin plan your wedding! You’ll be sorry.


With measuring cups like this, cookies will never be the same. 


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Io9 says that this ITALIAN Indiana Jones rip-off is better than the OG Indiana Jones, YOU BE THE JUDGE! 


9 ADORABLE Super Mario Cats. It really is a good Friday. 


STAR WARS: You know, STAR WARS. Have you not seen STAR WARS?”TL;DR Wikipedia is condensed pop culture at its sassiest.


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Sun's up, Shades out!  


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