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The Pan & Scan: Special Comic-Con Edition

By IMAX on July 25, 2014

Superheroes, villains, and aliens, OH MY! 
It must mean only one thing…. That’s right - this week’s Pan & Scan is a special ode to #SDCC. We’ve pulled together the best of the cosplay attire, Lego sculptures, and the rest of the must-see things you might have missed. Be sure to check back throughout the weekend as we will be sharing more Comic-Con highlights!

After 75 years, Batman is still looking good. #Agelessbeauty


 (Via: People)

“I am Groot!” Translation: What’s with all the staring?


(Via: Slashfilm)


Chris Hardwick’s throw “Back to the Future”


(Via: The Nerdist)

Have you heard about the bird? #thebirdstheword

(Via: Youtube)

Which, witch is which?


(Via: CNN)

 Great balls of fire! Someone needs to tell that dragon that burning bridges is bad for your career...


(Via TotalFilm)

Superheroes, they have to go through security just like the rest of us.


(Via: TotalFilm)

Apparently it was take your kid to work day for Captain America.

(Via: Film School Rejects)

Christopher Nolan heard how passionate Comic-Con fans are and he came “to see what all the fuss was about”. 

Robert Downey Jr. woos the crowd as only Iron Man would.

(Via: Buzzfeed)

You will love Guardians of the Galaxy so much when it hits theatres that they’ve already announced a sequel for 2017. You’re welcome!

(Via: I09)

The jester among you, just might have been Peter Jackson.

(Via: DailyMail)

Keep cool and stay hydrated.

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