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Media Coverage

IMAX® Donates Theater to USC

By Los Angeles Times: Richard Verrier on June 04, 2014

IMAX logo USC is getting a giant screen courtesy of IMAX® The Canadian theater technology company announced Wednesday that it was donating an IMAX® theater system to USC's School of Cinematic Arts. The IMAX® theater will be installed in a new auditorium donated by Michelle and Kevin Douglas, IMAX's largest shareholders, at the cinema school's Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts. "The students' exploration of IMAX® filmmaking and immersive storytelling will push the boundaries of the medium, creating experiences we cannot even imagine yet." - Robert Zemeckis, filmmaker The theater will be part of a 35,000-square-foot, fully digital training ... Read More

‘Dracula Untold’ To Get IMAX® Release in October

By The Hollywood News: Ellen Daniels on May 28, 2014

IMAX Dracula Untold IMAX®, Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures have announced that DRACULA UNTOLD, the Dracula origins story starring Luke Evans, will be digitally remastered and released in IMAX® across the globe on 2nd October, and in North America on 17th October. The film is directed by Gary Shore and produced by Michael De Lucas, and also stars Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Diarmaid Murtagh and Samantha Barks. To read more about 'Dracula Untold' release in IMAX® theatres visit The Hollywood News. Read More

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles To Be Released In Select International IMAX® Theaters

By Comicbook.com: Jamie Lovett on May 22, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles promo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes will be released in select IMAX® theaters this August. The film is produced by Michael Bay, who is known for making the kind of big, explodey movies that can benefit from their big explosions being made larger than live through the IMAX® format. "Longtime partners Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman have done a wonderful job of updating this classic franchise for a next-generation audience," said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX® Corp. and CEO of IMAX® Entertainment. "We look forward to teaming up with Paramount and bringing these fun, relatable and action-fueled characters to life ... Read More

IMAX® Launching $50 Million Film Fund for Documentaries (EXCLUSIVE)

By Variety: Brent Lang on May 21, 2014

IMAX logo IMAX® will develop documentaries using a newly created $50 million fund, with the wide-screen company promising a series of films that will deal with such heady topics as globalization, technology and space, but with a sense of humor. “This is an opportunity to reset the tone of these movies — to make them a little edgier and hipper,” said Greg Foster, chairman and president of IMAX Entertainment®. “We need to make movies that are a little bit more reflective of third graders today as opposed to third graders 25 years ago and that’s what these movies are about.” Read More

Godzilla’s Attack on IMAX® Boosts Its Box Office Power

By BloombergBusinessweek: Kyle Stock on May 19, 2014

Gozilla For a 60-year-old mutant lizard, Godzilla still has plenty of blockbuster power. The giant lizard’s latest eponymous film garnered a better-than-expected $93 million in U.S. ticket sales in its opening weekend and another $103 million from 64 overseas markets, the best international debut so far this year. Godzilla crushed in the U.K. and Russia, while Mexico—normally a tiny movie market—ended up as the movie’s third-biggest foreign box office, with $9 million in ticket sales. Read More