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Innovation Without Borders: The Paley Center for Media Speaks with IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond

By IMAX auf Dezember 5, 2012

IMAX is Believing

Few business leaders are better positioned to discuss innovation than an entrepreneur at an entertainment technology company. Recently The Paley Center for Media’s International Council hosted its “Innovation Without Borders” summit to engage senior media, technology and entertainment industry executives who want to understand the global business landscape and the potential for their companies to reach across borders into new markets.  IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond joined to discuss his experience growing IMAX into a global organization.

Rich shared his journey as an entrepreneur and how IMAX used innovation to transition from a purveyor of “whales, bears and seals” documentaries to becoming the premium way to present Hollywood blockbusters to moviegoers across the globe.

Not surprisingly, IMAX’s success didn’t happen overnight. It required Rich’s persistence and conviction, combined with a healthy realization that he didn’t have all the answers. It was a learning process that required understanding how to leverage IMAX’s technology to bring more to our audiences.

How did Rich decide to invest in IMAX and propel its growth? “Persistence, and taking your failures and integrating them into your strategy…”  In his interview with The Paley Center, he discusses IMAX technology, working with filmmakers, IMAX sound and how IMAX auditoriums are different from standard theatres.

Take a look at the interview below:

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The Paley Center for Media International Council’s summit featured several other top executives, including Frank A. Bennack, Jr., Vice Chair and CEO, The Hearst Corporation; Michael Zimbalist from The New York Times Company; Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Inc.; and Herb Scannell, President of BBC Worldwide America. Many of these executives provided insight on entrepreneurship, innovation and crossing borders in business. Find out more about the event by clicking here: “Innovation Without Borders.”

For more information about The Paley Center for Media check out their website at //www.paleycenter.org.