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The Pan & Scan: Bringing Sexy Back with a Fanny Pack #RockIt

By IMAX auf Juli 18, 2014

This week's Pan & Scan is full of awesomeness and hashtags. Before we get into it, let's take some time to reminisce...

Forget #ThrowbackThursday, check out this #FlashbackFriday photo of The Rock. #RockIt #WerkIt. My my my, how things have changed. 

(Via: CollegeHumor) You can check out the new and improved version in Hercules when it arrives to IMAX theatres on July 25.

This couple got married Game of Thrones style…wonder who they love more, each other or the show?  


(Via: Mashable)

What’s the next best way to experience something in 3D when it's not in IMAX®?  Even we're impressed by this 3D street painting which puts real meaning to "bigger is better".

3D street art

(Via: FastCoCreate)


Emojis are a part of this world. They’re just like one of us. 


Some people will do anything to get a spot in the next Star Wars…even Stephen Colbert.

Star wars

(Via: Buzzfeed)


Missed the World Cup? There’s a flip-book for that.

But first, let’s toast a selfie


(Via Mashable)

The only time that Jabba the Hutt will ever look appetizing…


(Via Nerdist)

Which Weird Al remix is your fave? We voted for something practical that we can all make use of. FOIL.


Like bacon, everything’s better with Batman.


(Via: Tumblr)



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