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The Pan & Scan: First Edition

By IMAX auf April 11, 2014

We went on the internet this week…and all we got were these LINKS! Check out a smattering of the C00L/ScarY/techie/LOL/CraZy/YummY happenings from around the world wide web this week below.

BTW: It’s the weekend. Have you seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet? Get your tickets while you still can!

Can you believe the old monster is 60? This new throwback (Thursday) Godzilla poster has inspired a trip down kaiju memory lane. 

(Picture via ComicBook.com)

So wait…you can’t wear 3D glasses backwards? I09 explains why.

(Picture via AttackOfTheCute.com)

Attention Westeros!! “Game of Goats” is a thing. Internet, you win.

Hungry, are you?

(Picture via: That’s Nerdalicious)

Is silence golden? – Explore the contrast in today’s LOUD movie trailers versus the quiet of Godzilla’s latest extended look. Hear for yourself!

Oh my Lord of the Donuts!

Finally a newspaper ad you won’t want to throw away! (3D glasses not required)

(Picture via: Gizmodo)

Congrats Colbert from Jimmy, Seth, Jon… and we’re thinking Gandalf, too!

Anyone headed to Singapore? You can pick up a GODZILLA pizza. Yes, it has toppings. A LOT of toppings.


Not convinced that IMAX is hosting a runway show? Fine. But, Marc Jacobs would be lucky to get his hands on these. 


N3RD Al3RT! – While these are currently out of commission, they are known as PSE (Personal Sound Environment) glasses. They use both polarizer and electronic switching to reduce ghosting. The glasses include speakers to provide an additional soundtrack transmitted through radiofrequency… Pretty cool, eh?


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