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Comic-Con 2013: IMAX Hit The Streets of SDCC

Por IMAX en la julio 22, 2013

If you were at Comic-Con this year we hope you’re recovering well. This year’s Con was a blast. IMAX hit the streets of San Diego with prizes in tow. You may have seen IMAX pedicabs throughout the Gaslamp district offering FREE rides and some even offered a chance to participate in Cash Pedicab. The IMAX street team hosted trivia challenges and many participants left with cool IMAX prizes including FREE tickets to see a movie in IMAX.

If you didn’t get a chance to go to Comic-Con this year we’ve pulled together a few highlights of our favorite IMAX moments. Check them out below:




IMAX deployed a fleet of pedicabs with funny, friendly drivers who transported guests throughout the conference.



Q: What’s cooler than a sunny day in San Diego taking a ride in style?



A: Taking a ride in style with Chewbacca or Yoda!


If you joined these ladies in a pedicab it may have been your lucky day!



The IMAX street team ready to hit the streets at Comic-Con


Whoa! You never know when a vampire will be right over your shoulder!


Even the headless horseman couldn’t resist the cool blue wayfarers.


"Spartans! Prepare for glory!"


Remember the Toxic Avenger?


What’s a party without the band?


Check back for more Comic-Con highlights and visit IMAX.com to plan your next IMAX outing.