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IMAX’s Andrew Cripps Participates in Master Class at Moscow Film School

Por IMAX en la noviembre 16, 2012

Andrew Cripps Master Class

We’re honored that our very own Andrew Cripps, IMAX’s President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) was selected by the Moscow Film School to participate in their “Master Class” program. The “Master Class” program offers film students the opportunity to meet with leading directors, producers and industry experts to learn first-hand the ins-and-outs of the cinema world.

Andrew Cripps at Moscow Fim School

Andrew discussed the role that IMAX plays in the film production, distribution and exhibition space. As the former President of Paramount Pictures International and with more than 20 years of experience in international distribution prior to joining IMAX, he spoke in-depth about the production and global distribution process, emerging trends and the strategies studios are using when determining movie release dates.

Andrew Cripps at Moscow Film School

Many of the students wanted to know what makes IMAX  so unique.

What makes IMAX unique is that we are not just an entertainment or technology or distribution company, but all three at once. We are an innovator with patented technology; a Hollywood insider that partners with the world’s most celebrated moviemakers to enhance their biggest blockbusters and documentaries; and have a global network of more than 660 theatres in 52 countries.

By being closely involved throughout the entire process – from production through to presentation – we are able to create an experience that was specially designed for our audiences. That’s why seeing a movie in IMAX is like seeing an entirely different movie. Everything from movie itself to the theatre technology was customized to make you believe you’re a part of the film.

One of our most important and coveted relationships is with the filmmakers. We take these partnerships extremely seriously and go out of our way to ensure that we provide them with the tools and support they need to help execute on their creative vision – even when that means developing a completely new technology or trying something that hasn’t been done before.

It’s exciting to see a new generation of filmmakers emerging and new technology pushing the boundaries and changing the way movies are experienced.

We’d like to send a special thank you the Moscow Film School for the opportunity to meet with their students and participate in a “Master Class”. 

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