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Spend Your Valentine’s Day with Bruce Willis

Por IMAX en la febrero 14, 2013

This Valentine’s Day you’re in for a treat much sweeter than chocolate. A Good Day To Die Hard arrives in IMAX® Theatres on February 14 and we can’t think of a better place to be this V-Day than on an action-packed adventure with Bruce Willis and tickets are on sale now!

You may be wondering what would be worth opting out of a couples massage, dinner at that swanky new restaurant or whispering sweet nothings in the ear of the one you love.  Well we’ve got the deets on the making of Die Hard 5 and we’ve found some PRETTY cool things that are worth ditching your V-Day plans.

It has been 25 years since the original Die Hard where the cinematic hero John McClane was born. Now Bruce Willis is back in his iconic role as a Brooklyn police detective, but this time he’ll find himself in the midst of deadly corruption and political vendetta in Russia. After finding out that his estranged son has been arrested in Moscow, McClane begins his mission in search for answers and finds out more than he expected. His son Jack, played by Jai Courtney, is far from being a criminal but is an undercover CIA operative. This father/son combo is packing some serious heat.

Both the head coach and referee of the new installment of the Die Hard franchise, director John Moore, is committed to taking the series to the next level. His passions come to life on the big screen and his work with Bruce Willis on this installment is nothing shy of the level of previous Die Hard films.

When creating the movie’s visual style, Moore wanted to capture as much as possible with the camera and only use VFX to enhance or paint in backgrounds. The camera work was almost entirely handheld, using three cameras and long lenses to capture tight close-ups. Much like The IMAX Experience®, Moore’s goal was to place the audience inside the action, as if they’re a part of the story and not detached and viewing from a distance.

As an aerial enthusiast, John Moore chose classic aircraft throughout the film that are bound to blow audiences right out of their seats. The Hungarian government’s own Mi:24 helicopter was featured in the film along with the Russian made Mi:26 “Halo”—the largest helicopter in the world, weighing 25 tons and capable of carrying another 25 tons. The aircraft is 38 meters long, with a 60 meter-wide berth. Its 30,000 horsepower engines turn eight rotors each 14 meters long. Top speed: 250 knots. This is the first time the Mi:26 has been featured in a Western movie.

The epic car chase scenes, led by 2nd unit director Jonathan Taylor and assistant director Sean Guest, were a massive endeavor which took nearly two-and-a-half months to shoot and involved hundreds of vehicles.

Much of the action was captured on Moscow’s famed Garden Ring, a circular avenue in the city’s center consisting of 17 streets and 15 squares which is comparable to shooting a massive car chase on New York’s 5th Avenue or London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Many thought filming on the Garden Ring was inconceivable because it’s impossible to shut down the major (and often gridlocked) roadway.  But with the help of Moscow’s police department, Moore filmed the hell out of the chase capturing vehicles speeding over 150 mph. 

Since 1988 Bruce Willis has been kicking butt and taking names as John McClane in the Die Hard films. A Good Day to Die Hard adds a sidekick to one of the most popular characters in film history when the McClanes are forced to overcome their differences in order to thwart a potentially disastrous crime in the most desolate place on Earth – Chernobyl.

No need to ditch your date, just make it known that you and Bruce Willis are a package deal this Valentine’s Day.

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