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The Pan & Scan: I Got It From My Mama

Por IMAX en la mayo 9, 2014

This Sunday… coming to a brunch restaurant near you is… MOTHER’S DAY! Have no fear, The Pan & Scan is here to provide you with GIFT IDEAS, distractions from magging (mom nagging), topics of conversation, cultural capital, cats and MUCH MORE!! So, before you start munchin’ on pancakes and showering Mom with attention, take a look at this sampling of the WWW!

Did you “LIKEThe Amazing Spider-Man 2®? WAIT. Don’t tell us that you haven’t seen it yet… Swing over to the virtual box office and get your tickets while you still can. If you hear the call of the kaiju, check out the tickets for Godzilla. You can see it at IMAX theatres on May 16. One more thing, you can now order tickets to see Maleficent’s high cheek bones at IMAX theatres as early as May 30.

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E.T. Phone Home: Check out a few brilliant uses of special effects to tell a story from some of our favorite films. 

(Via io9)

Anyone want a life-size replica of Godzilla? We thought so.

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Here are 7 facts that will make you king of the kaiju! We don’t want you to embarrass yourself at a Kaiju themed cocktail party.

Some may say that the below is more like a dream and less like a disaster. #PassTheGuac

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With great fandoms, comes great responsibility. Mike Rugnetta from the The PBS Idea Channel suggests a few impacts fandoms could have outside of ComicCon.


Thanks for the shout out, Astro Terry Virts!

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Doughnuts, I am your father. Check out what this Brooklyn-based vegan bakery cooked up for May the 4th!

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Meet Roger Christian. He literally built Star Wars.

(Via Esquire)

If music be the food of Ewoks, play on! Or just rock out to this very unique take on the Star Wars soundtrack.

Buckle up! We’re going to Westeros. Dan Newbie uses his cup playing abilities to tap out the entire Game of Thrones theme song.

Did you have trouble getting through those last two tunes? No worries, io9 is here to tell us why we have musical ADD.

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Let’s celebrate our movie moms! “Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything.” –Mrs. Molly Weasley (Julie Walters), Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

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Still need a mother’s day gift idea? Check out this glow-in-the-dark “I love you, I know” nightgown that is perfect for all of our sassy, Star Wars loving moms!

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Much Birthday. Very Candle. So Internet.

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#JFFF (Just For Fun Friday): Cat Chats!


Flashback Friday: Remember these cuties? #BornToBeWild

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