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‘Captain America: Civil War’ First to Use New Imax/Arri 2D Camera (EXCLUSIVE)

Por Variety: Brent Lang en la abril 13, 2015

Captain America: Civil War” will be the first film shot with Imax’s new 2D digital cameras, Variety has learned.

Roughly 15 minutes of the film, including what co-director Joe Russo describes as one sequence “with some incredible scale to it,” will be shot with the cameras.

“We like being on the cutting edge of technology, and we like to enhance storytelling with technology in a way that pushes the narrative forward creatively,” said Russo. “When you’re working on a Marvel film, there’s a sense of showmanship that goes along with the movies, and no exhibitor exploits that better than Imax.”

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Disney, IMAX Renew Film Slate Deal Through 2017

Por The Wrap: Joe Otterson en la abril 8, 2015

Agreement covers releases like “Star Wars: Episode VIII” and Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

IMAX and Walt Disney Studios have renewed their exhibition agreement through 2017, the two companies announced on Wednesday.

The muti-picture deal encompasses live-action and animated tentpole releases from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, with key films in the deal to include “Star Wars: Rogue One” and “Episode VIII,” Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” and Pixar’s “Finding Dory.”

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IMAX's New Laser Projectors Make Me Wish I Lived In a Movie Theater

Por Andrew Liszewski: Gizmodo en la marzo 6, 2015

Surround sound and 4K TVs are great for watching movies at home, but there's still nothing like sitting in front of a gigantic screen in an IMAX theater. I recently got an exclusive first look at the company's next-generation digital laser projectors, and I walked away from the experience wanting to see every single movie remastered and projected using the new technology.

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Just the Ticket

Por The Economist en la febrero 7, 2015

When Richard Gelfond, the boss of IMAX, goes to China, people sometimes ask for his autograph. That is because for the Chinese, watching films on a screen 20 metres high is still a novelty, and IMAX is the best-known brand in giant-screen cinemas. No one in Hollywood has yet asked for Mr Gelfond’s autograph, but he is happier being a star abroad. China is now the world’s second-largest cinema market. Its box-office receipts rose by 37% in 2014, to around $4.8 billion. Along with other emerging economies, it will drive the film industry’s growth in the years ahead.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Grabs $1.5M At The B.O.: IMAX As TV’s Next Great Revolution

Por Deadline: Anthony D'Alessandro en la febrero 1, 2015

American Sniper continued to pick off box office records in its sixth weekend, as well as any new wide release in its path, we saw box office anomaly: Warner Bros.’IMAX presentation of HBO’s Game of Thrones made $1.5M from 205 playdates for a per-theater of $7,323.  While not necessarily an IMAX opening record of any kind, what the experiment proved was that die-hard Game of Thrones fans were quite willing to shell out serious bucks to see their favorite show in large format, even though the show is available about everywhere thanks to the HBO GO app.

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