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Challenge Accepted: See How Many Sunts You Can Match To their Mission

By IMAX on juillet 31, 2015

Once again, Tom Cruise has taken his daring stunts to new heights, this time - literally! In Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, he grapples onto a massive Airbus A400M and is carried 5,000 feet into the air! After over 30 years of stunt training, Tom Cruise still brings all the action and suspense to the screen by taking his dangerous maneuvers to the next level.  

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Extended IMAX® Everest Trailer Will Play Before Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

By IMAX on juillet 29, 2015

An exclusive IMAX® sneak peek of Everest will be playing before IMAX showings of Mission: Impossible  Rogue Nation beginning Friday, July 31.  The movie is based on two expedition groups’ treacherous journey up the highest peak in the world. Written after the true 1996 Mount Everest events, these groups face trying challenges and weather obstacles as they do their best to survive.

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5 Days of 5 Seconds with Ethan Hunt Starts Now

By IMAX on juillet 27, 2015

The Mission: Impossible film series is probably best known for the insanely epic and death defying stunts done by Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt.  One of the lesser known facts is that daredevil, Tom Cruise, does many of his own stunts, and has spent years training. In every movie we see Ethan Hunt doing the impossible; catching some major air in a speeding car, hanging off a cliff, and most recently hanging on the side of a plane during take-off.

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Watch The Vienna State Opera House Turn into an IMAX® Theater for the Premiere of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

By IMAX on juillet 27, 2015

The Vienna State Opera House is hosting the world premiere of Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation in IMAX®. On July 23, guests will be the first to view this highly-anticipated film. The star studded list includes director, Christopher McQuarrie; actors, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson; and producers, Bryan Burk, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger. The premiere marks the second time we have built a pop-up theatre in an iconic venue.

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