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IMAX. Never Compromise.

で IMAX 上の 9月 05, 2014


Forrest Gump IMAX Exclusive Limited-Edition Collector’s Print Revealed

で IMAX 上の 9月 02, 2014

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Forrest Gump, fans that attend showings of the IMAX® one-week exclusive re-release beginning Friday, September 5 will receive an exclusive limited-edition Forrest Gump collector’s print (while supplies last). Check out the cool print below: 


The Pan & Scan: Lemurs and All Things Cuddly

で IMAX 上の 8月 21, 2014

This weekend we encourage you to fall in love with something fun, furry and loveable. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar has arrived to commercial IMAX® 3D theatres and they’re just so friggin’ cute that we decided to dedicate this week’s Pan & Scan to the cute, cuddly loveable things of the world.


But first, this lemur selfie is necessary. Very necessary.


The Pan & Scan: Never Fear the Weekend is Here

で IMAX 上の 8月 15, 2014

We know it has been one of those weeks but never fear, the weekend's here! #gethappy



Who's The Most Evil Villain of Them All?

で IMAX 上の 8月 14, 2014

There’s no stopping the type of evil that’s consumed with power and annihilating the powerless at all costs. Ronan – aligned with the mysterious Thanos – leads the Sakaaran army who helps him hunt down the Guardians when they interfere with his goals of stealing the coveted orb he needs to destroy the planet.



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