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Ender's Game Battles In IMAX this Friday

で IMAX 上の 十月 31, 2013

Are you ready?  Anyone who has read the book is.  The universally acclaimed novel Ender’s Game has been adapted into a feature length film and is opening in IMAX® theatres this Friday.  The movie traces the story of Ender Wiggin, a pre-teen genius, who is being cultivated to save planet Earth from the technologically superior alien race – the Formics. 

Ender’s journey takes him to Eros, a wild, careening asteroid that houses Earth’s battle command center to attend Battle School, which, let’s just say, does not provide your regular elementary algebra and grammar classes. 

For the production of the movie, director Gavin Hood needed a set so large that the only place in America large enough was a section of NASA warehouses, located in New Orleans.  “Inside the Battle School sets alone, I think we had about 4,500 individual lights,” say Hood, expanding on the epic dimensions of his sets.

The expertise that launches this stellar movie comes from all corners and disciplines of the world– from a special effects supervisor with a degree in aeronautical engineering whose roommate at MIT was an astronaut (Matthew Butler), to a South African director (Gavin Hood) who used his childhood observations of African Termite mounds as inspiration for the alien Formic Colonies.  The epic cast combined with the talented filmmakers, make this groundbreaking novel assume a new life in IMAX® theatres.


Experience Ender’s Game in IMAX® theatres this Friday! Click here to purchase tickets today. 


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