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IMAX, Newsweek & The Daily Beast Present The IMAX® Award Winner

で IMAX 上の 三月 5, 2013

We’ve searched high and low for someone who exhibited the ability to take audiences on an adventure through explorations in filmmaking. Finally, we’ve found Pete Marshall, a talented explorer with a thirst for conquering the unimaginable and a passion to bring his adventures to audiences everywhere, Pete Marshall is the winner of the IMAX® Award and a $25,000 prize, presented by IMAX, Newsweek & The Daily Beast.

Pete’s winning trailer for his upcoming documentary 2600 Above 60 details a 2600-mile canoe expedition that began at the Pacific Ocean and ended on the barren shores of the Hudson Bay. Check it out below:


Inspired by his very first adventure with his brother, a 2700-mile canoe trip from their hometown in Minnesota to the Arctic Ocean in 2005, Pete soon became obsessed with canoeing to unknown places. In 2012, Pete and a group of friends set out on a summer-long canoe trip. Over the next 130 days, the friends ventured through the mountains of the Alaskan coast, across Canada’s northern territories and crossed over the Rockies before ending their expedition in the Hudson Bay.

A journey vast with the beauty of nature, Pete tried to capture each moment. After battling flooded rivers and currents for about a month, they were relieved to reach a small lake just off the Ross River. The beauty of the snow-capped mountains and blue skies captivated them as they were drawn to a group of moose and a bull with the perfect mountain backdrop and a scene bathed in the sun—which  Pete was able to catch on camera. As he was filming, the boat swung around creating a natural panning shot that pulled the entire scene together. At that point, Pete had captured one of his favorite scenes of his upcoming documentary, set in place by nature itself.

Pete had longed to see the world as it might have been before cities and roads invaded the beauty of the natural landscape. His quest was to take audiences on an expedition into an unspoiled wilderness with a story of four friends so intrigued by unknown that fear couldn’t prevent them from conquering the unimaginable on this adventure of a lifetime.

Visit Pete’s website for more details, photos and maps of the expedition and to congratulate him on his win. www.canoe2012.com

Congratulations to Pete for his winning video 2600 Above 60!