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で IMAX 上の 八月 16, 2013

“Even in a future where it’s every man for himself, it’ll be possible for a human being to hold on to his humanity.” – Matt Damon

What would a world divided by class and wealth look like to you? You may say that it will look like things are today but can you imagine something even worse? Fast forward to 2154, where the world has now been divided into two separate worlds - an overpopulated, ruined Earth, and Elysium, a man-made space station for the extremely wealthy.

The world of Elysium has unfolded in IMAX® theatres everywhere. Matt Damon considers IMAX the most “badass” way to see his new film. Check out what he has to say below:

Today, six astronauts live and work on the international space station orbiting about 250 miles above the Earth’s surface. In Elysium, Director Neill Blomkamp created a world that shows the development of today’s modest international space station after 150 years – now the home of the wealthiest individuals with the best accommodations.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Elysium space station below:

“…Elysium is the reverse of an alien-invasion story – it’s still about human beings trying to protect a way of life, but instead of fighting for Earth, they do it by going into space.”

-Director Neill Blomkamp


Matt Damon plays Max, whose life depends on bringing equality between an overpopulated, ravaged Earth and the utopian man-made space station called Elysium. Max is Earth’s only hope to be saved but he faces a tough adversary – Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) who will stop at nothing to protect Elysium from the poor savages of Earth.

Check out the highlights from the film below and visit IMAX.com to get your tickets to see Elysium this weekend.