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Now Playing: Riddick in IMAX

で IMAX 上の 九月 13, 2013

An epic continues…

RIDDICK is now in IMAX ® theatres. In the latest installment in the series that began with the sensational Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, Vin Diesel creates another chapter in his fabled world. 

“We never stopped hearing the drumbeat from the fans. Of all the movies that I’ve done, they ask me the most about Riddick.” – Director David Twohy

Both Director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel identify with Riddick on a personal level, which allows them to continue to breathe life into the epic series.

Check out the Riddick IMAX TV spot below:

The nefarious marooned convict and magnet for bounty hunters has chipped out a special place in Vin Diesel’s heart.  Diesel explains, “I fell in love with the role on paper because Riddick is such a well-executed character and a true antihero… People identify with his plight, and that’s why they gravitate toward him. They identify with being prejudged, ruled out, given up on and underestimated; those are feelings we all have at some point. The fact that Riddick is able to overcome that through action is something people welcome.”

In this installment of the Riddick saga, Vin Diesel is left for dead on a barren and alien planet.  Riddick is weak and realizes that his skills have been dulled, but there is no time to recover.  He must sharpen his battle skills and fight for his life against wave after wave of bounty hunters.  In this film we see the savage and animalistic instincts of Vin Diesel’s lethal character emerge as Riddick’s back is pushed against the wall.

Don't miss the chance to check out this epic sci-fi thriller now playing in IMAX® theatres worldwide.


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