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Pacific Rim Smashes Into IMAX® 3D Theatres

で IMAX 上の 七月 11, 2013

“Monsters mash, titans clash and humans are behind the eight-ball in Pacific Rim,” Says Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter.  The reviews are in, and Pacific Rim is gearing up, cranking the cylinders and pushing forward as the movie smashes into IMAX® 3D theatres.  “It's Godzilla x 10,” mentions Mr. McCarthy. 


But what makes this thrill ride so intriguing?  For most, it’s quite simple: Monstrous Creatures (Kaiju) that expel themselves from an unholy rift in the crust of the Pacific Ocean vs. Massive Robots (Jaegers) devised as a special type of weapon designed to combat the Kaiju uprisings.  An epic battle ensues that will leave audiences swaying nervously in the balance.

Check out the Pacific Rim IMAX TV spot below:

Jordan Hoffman from Film.com weighs in on the pros and cons of this upcoming epic, “This no doubt has a few cons, as nuance is sacrificed on the altar of spectacle from the very first frame. The pros, however, loudly, demonstrably and repetitively overrule with clobbering fury.”


Pacific Rim is a thrill ride that is bigger, better and louder than its contemporaries.  Vibe Magazine shared Kanye West’s sentiments about the film calling it “easily one of my favorite movies of all time.”


Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times describes Guillermo as a king of the visual, sitting adeptly atop his chaotic throne, “filmgoers have learned that underestimating del Toro and what he can do on screen is something done at your peril. He's so accomplished a creator of images, so adept at humanizing the monstrous, so fearless an architect of awe, that even without major movie stars in the cast, the scenarios he throws himself into are invariably difficult to resist.”

“Of all the doom-laden fantasies the studios have rolled out this summer, “Pacific Rim” is the one pushing itself most aggressively as guilt-free entertainment, offering up an apocalyptic spectacle in a spirit of unpretentious, unapologetic fun.” Says Justin Chang from Variety.  


WSJ LiveMint reporter Nandini Ramnath recounts her post-Pacific Rim experience, “One of the most striking images in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was off-screen rather than in the movie. As a screening of a 3D and IMAX version of the futuristic science-fiction adventure wound down, a row of geeky-looking young men stared in silent awe at the credits, as though they had witnessed a divine vision.”


The Jaegers and the Kaiju are as havoc wreaking and destructive as they are monstrously large.  There is no other way to witness pulse-accelerating blasts and metal jeers as Jaegers swing heavily against the nefarious Kaiju than in IMAX® 3D. Pacific Rim opens today in IMAX® 3D theatres across the globe! Click here to purchase your tickets!


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