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The Pan & Scan: 10 Reasons Why Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt is LITERALLY the Best

で IMAX 上の 七月 3, 2014

As many of us are taking time to commemorate the independence of our great nation, we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to celebrate…well…Chris Pratt…or we like to refer to him as Chrisy P.

We have now deemed August 1st a new national (well you know) holiday. We’d like to introduce Guardians Day featuring Chris Pratt.  So it’s cool that you’re celebrating Independence Day but leave a little energy leftover for the next big thing coming Aug. 1 when Guardians of the Galaxy hits IMAX® 3D theatres.

To make sure you understand its importance we pulled together these GIFs to show you just how AMAZING Chrisy P can be.

(Via  Wifflegif)

What better way can we share our anticipation than showing off how epic Chris Pratt is?

So why do we love him so much, you ask?

1)      Well first of all he’s a badass

 (Via Perez Hilton)

2)      Because he can save the world while maintaining his sensitive side

(via Wifflegif)

3)      Because he was compared to Luke Skywalker in this new, Guardians of the Galaxy inspired Star Wars trailer:

(Via Gizmodo)

If you haven’t already seen the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer, here it is:

4)      Because he will never give you up, or let you down…

(via Uproxx)

5)      Because his thumbs-up is as good as gold


6)      Because no-one in the corner got swagga like Chris

 (Via The Berry)

7)      Because he gives really good life advice

 (Via Rebloggy)

No seriously, he gives incredible life advice

(Via Tumblr)

8)      Because his record precedes himself….

(Via Tumblr)

9)      Because he appreciates the little things in life

(Via Zap2it)


10)   And finally because this picture sums it all up…


(Via tumblr)


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