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Women in Business Q&A: Eileen Campbell, CMO, IMAX

で Huffington Post: Laura Dunn 上の 十二月 30, 2014

Eileen Campbell joined IMAX in July 2013 as Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining the Company, from 2007 to 2013 Ms. Campbell was the Global Chief Executive Officer for the brand building consulting agency, Millward Brown, and held various other executive positions at Millward Brown from 2000-2007. Prior to that, Ms. Campbell led Angus Reid Group's market research and global expansion divisions. Ms. Campbell was employed at NFO Research from 1979 to 1996, most recently as Senior Vice President. Ms. Campbell is a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations.


‘Interstellar’ Tops $100 Million in IMAX Box Office

で Variety: Dave McNary 上の 十二月 15, 2014

Christopher Nolan’s space adventure “Interstellar” has topped $100 million in Imax theaters worldwide since its release on Nov. 5.

The milestone has only been achieved by three other films — “Avatar,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Gravity.”


‘Interstellar’ Box Office Gets Big Boost from Imax Sales

で Variety: Brent Lang 上の 十一月 24, 2014

Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s outer space adventure, keeps rising thanks to help from Imax screens.


IMAX CEO Gelfond Sees Expansion in Brazil, China

で Bloomberg: Mahmoud Habboush 上の 十一月 20, 2014

IMAX Corp. (IMAX), the pioneer of large-screen cinema, is building dozens of theaters in China, Brazil, Russia and the Middle East, Chief Executive Officer Rich Gelfond said.


In a digital age, "Interstellar" unspools on film stock

で CBS News: David Morgan 上の 十一月 13, 2014


Despite the motion picture industry's nearly complete transition to digital production and exhibition, fans of Christopher Nolan are able to attend screenings of his highly-anticipated futuristic epic, "Interstellar," on a decidedly old-school format: large-format 70mm film.