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Behind the Frame: An IMAX® Look Into Star Trek Into Darkness

By IMAX 에 오월 14, 2013

"I've never see a space adventure filmed or presented in IMAX in this way." - JJ Abrams

IMAX® is thrilled to be a part of J.J. Abrams highly anticipated STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. In the new IMAX Behind the Frame featurette, Director J.J. Abrams along with some of the actors speak about shooting with the IMAX® cameras. Take a look below.

The IMAX release of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will feature approximately 30 minutes of footage filmed with the extremely high-resolution IMAX cameras. These specific sequences, which will expand to fill more of the screen exclusively in IMAX, will deliver unprecedented crispness and clarity and a truly immersive experience for moviegoers.

Tickets are now on sale, for more information and to purchase tickets, visit //www.imax.com/movies/m/star-trek-into-darkness-an-imax-3d-experience/.


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