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Household Sibling Rivalry of Intergalactic Proportions: Gamora vs. Nebula

By IMAX 에 팔월 7, 2014

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy lures you into the twisted world of Gamora and Nebula, two adopted sisters and trained lethal assassins whose dysfunctional relationship plays out on the big screen.  

Take a look at how actresses Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and Karen Gillan describe their roles in the featurette below:


Meet Gamora (played by Zoe Saldana), a martial arts master and personal assassin for her adopted father Thanos. Although she’s revered as the “deadliest woman in the whole galaxy,” her redemption story begins with her quest to keep the powerful orb out of evil’s hands.  Her loyalty once belonged to her adoptive father and galaxy supervillain Thanos, even though he was responsible for the death of her family. She resolves to rebel against him which causes a break in the already intense relationship with her sister Nebula.  



(Via: Huffington Post)



There’s more to this blue-skinned deadly assassin than she’ll ever reveal. Nebula (played by Karen Gillan) is fierce and shows absolutely no weakness. She’s committed to the evil ruler Ronan and her father Thanos, their wish is her command. Her jealousy and resentment of her adopted sister Gamora only enhances her desire to rise in the ranks of Ronan’s villainous army. Although her skills can’t compare to her sister’s, she is fueled by hate and envy and remains determined to prove her loyalty to her father Thanos who openly professes his admiration for Gamora.



Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan both embodied their characters during the making of the film. In an interview with THR, Karen Gillan gleaned at Zoe’s effortless performance during the fight scenes that she trained extensively for. But practice makes perfect because Nebula proved to be a fearless adversary on the big screen. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the epic battles scenes between these two sisters in Guardians of the Galaxy on an IMAX 3D screen, get your tickets today.


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