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IMAX Celebrates the Opening of Its 100th Theatre in China

By IMAX 에 일월 8, 2013

Recently, we celebrated the opening of the 100th IMAX® theatre in China - the IMAX Wanda Jinniu theatre located in the city of Chengdu. IMAX China commemorated the milestone alongside Wanda Cinema Line Co., our largest international exhibition partner at an event that celebrated Wanda’s 1000th theatre opening.

In 2001, we opened our first institutional IMAX theatre in Shanghai. Shortly after in 2004, we opened our first commercial theatre. We soon began to grow rapidly which lead to our decision to establish IMAX China in 2001 that now has 52 employees with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Today, China is our fastest growing market, and Chinese moviegoers consistently visit IMAX theatres to see many of the most anticipated movies.

Some of China’s leading studios and filmmakers have been able to see their films come to life on IMAX screens. In 2010, Aftershock, the first Chinese language film was released in IMAX. Since this milestone, we have released seven Chinese films and plan to release an additional four Chinese titles throughout China and select international markets—helping to put a global spotlight on the talent of Chinese cinema.

This achievement reminds us of how far we’ve come as a company and should serve as an inspiration of what is possible when The IMAX Experience® is embraced by moviegoers in new markets. With this milestone, we celebrate what we’ve accomplished in China, as well as the opportunities for growth that lie ahead in markets around the world.

Congratulations to all.


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