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The Pan & Scan: Lemurs and All Things Cuddly

By IMAX 에 팔월 21, 2014

This weekend we encourage you to fall in love with something fun, furry and loveable. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar has arrived to commercial IMAX® 3D theatres and they’re just so friggin’ cute that we decided to dedicate this week’s Pan & Scan to the cute, cuddly loveable things of the world.


But first, this lemur selfie is necessary. Very necessary.

(Via: Tumblr)

And it goes a little something like this...HIT IT!

Ode to Disney.


(Via: Instagram)


No seriously, who let all these dogs out…


(Via: Buzzfeed)

This video is all kinds of cute.  Babies, cats and sharks, OH MY.


When Photoshop goes way too far…

cute cuties

(Via: Buzzfeed)

Green with envy? These triceratops sneakers are fresh.


(Via: io9)

Okay, we're not going to sit here all day and watch this dog and parrot fight over who gets the yogurt. Yes, yes we are.

The friends that play together - stay together.


(Via: Buzzfeed)

The DIY project you might actually do yourself.


(Via: Nerdist)

They really do belong together.

(Via: Huffington Post)


 A twist on the “Cat in the Hat”


(Via: io9)

9) It’s not easy being green, but Kermit just can’t Let It Go

Eating watermelon really is exhausting. Yawn!

(Via: Mashable)


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