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The Pan & Scan: Never Fear the Weekend is Here

By IMAX 에 팔월 15, 2014

We know it has been one of those weeks but never fear, the weekend's here! #gethappy


 (Via: LaughingSquid)

These celeb auditions prove that you shoukd never give up on your dreams.

Bro, do you even Science?


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How NOT to trick out your Maserati …but hey, that’s #dedication.

you're doing it wront

(Via: Gawker)

The Force is strong with Mark Hamill... and his beard.


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Just like Shakira, Baby Groot’s hips don’t lie.

Godzilla or a giant Wookie?


(Via: io9)

 Trash talk; when crumpled toilet paper rolls become pieces of art.


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This poetry is out of this world.


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A supernova

Emits beauty in darkness

Explosions of light

--Stephanie Bliaya, via Facebook

Yo, is this guy spiderman?

yo man

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Adult treehouse, anyone?

moon room

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Kip... "Always and forever..."


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