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Welcome to the Official IMAX Blog

By IMAX 에 유월 14, 2012

IMAX is believingThere’s a lot to be said about the movies that stay on your mind for months before they premiere, that convince you to stand in long lines for advance tickets and force you to stay up way past your bedtime to be the first to be transported from a seat in the movies to another world. IMAX not only understands the obsession, we take part in it and find a way to make your moviegoing experience an event that you’ll never forget.

We’re constantly searching for the best ways to connect with the people that matter most, our fans…fanboys and fangirls that is. We’ve launched the IMAX blog to give you access to what goes on inside IMAX and to find out what matters most to you. Our blog will feature behind-the-scenes access to our technology, the evolution of IMAX films and guest expert bloggers who help to bring the most immersive movie experience to you, at each IMAX® theater, every showing.

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