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The Fast-Changing Economics of the Movie Blockbuster

By New York Times: Stephen Heyman 에 칠월 8, 2015

Jurassic World grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office.

“Titanic” played in theaters around the world for more than three months before it became, in March of 1998, the first film to gross more than $1 billion at the global box office. Last month, “Jurassic World” achieved the same distinction in a mere 13 days, shattering a previous record of 17 days set only in April by “Furious 7.”

When did the $1 billion blockbuster become the new normal?

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IMAX Lands Brief Sneak Peak Of ‘Mission: Impossible -Rogue Nation’

By Deadline: David Lieberman 에 유월 29, 2015

Some 363 of the large screen venues in North America will offer five minutes of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation to audiences who show up to see Terminator Genisys beginning tomorrow night, IMAX, Paramount Pictures and Skydance announced this morning.

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IMAX: Size matters

By Screen International: Matt Mueller 에 유월 25, 2015

Opening on April 22 with Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the CinemaxX IMAX was Denmark’s highest-grossing cinema site that weekend.

With its global expansion strategy in full flow and a raft of blockbusters to fill its screens, the picture continues to look rosy for IMAX. CEO Richard Gelfond and EMEA president Andrew Cripps sit down with Matt Mueller.

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My Weekend: Richard Gelfond

By Newsweek: Felicity Capon 에 유월 19, 2015

The chief executive of IMAX enjoys his Manhattan roof garden and the cultural variety of New York – but can't switch off from the job he loves.

Saturday morning
The first thing I do when I wake up is get on the email, so I can see how the movies performed on Friday night. Then I stretch and go on the elliptical machine. If the weather's nice I'll play tennis. I love the weekends because you can have an exercise routine, and get back in control of your body. Then my wife Peggy and I usually have breakfast; she'll prepare hard boiled eggs and English muffins, or bagels and cream cheese.

Saturday afternoon
We live in the West Village in New York, so in the afternoon we tend to walk around the city. We always stop for sushi or dim sum for lunch. Back home, I'll check the email again, and read the newspaper. We might sit in our roof garden – having outdoor space in Manhattan is truly a luxury. Then I'll get on the phone with IMAX in Los Angeles and see what the various news sites are saying about the movies.

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IMAX, China Media Capital Launch Film Fund For Local-Language Tentpoles

By Deadline: Nancy Tartaglione 에 유월 16, 2015

Already a brand force in ChinaIMAX is expanding its Middle Kingdom footprint with a fund earmarked for local-language productions. The IMAX China Film Fund has been set up with subsidiary IMAX China and partner China Media Capital with the aim of investing in a minimum of 10 Mandarin-language tentpoles based on an initial capitalization of up to $50M. The partnership with CMC will target investments of $3M-$7M per film in a market whose local box office share is about on par with Hollywood’s.

IMAX is well-known in China where large-format screens and 3D are huge box office drivers. This weekend’s champ, Jurassic Worldgrossed $11.8M of the $100M Middle Kingdom total on 208 IMAX screens. IMAX occupied the top-grossing locations in China where the company’s all-time record for an opening weekend isAvengers: Age Of Ultron with $17.05M. On that one, eight of the Top 10 locations were IMAX engagements.

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