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Get to Know the Visionary Behind Tomorrowland – Director Brad Bird

By IMAX on Май 20, 2015

“The best way to see a film about a future is to see it in a futuristic way.”  -Brad Bird

We’re excited to share an exclusive behind the scenes chat with Tomorrowland director, Brad Bird. The creative genius shared his thoughts on Tomorrowland, IMAX, and his reaction to seeing the film.  Check back as we add clips from our chat throughout the week!

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IMAX® Tickets For Terminator Genisys Are On Sale

By IMAX on Май 19, 2015

I’ll be back…

Hear the famous words once again this summer when Terminator Genisys hits IMAX® 3D theatres July 1.

New machines, battles, and allies are here to help as Kyle, Sarah, and Terminator set out to stop judgment day from happening. Take a look below at a few of the past films and get ready for new undertakings.  IMAX® tickets for Terminator Genisys are on sale today. 

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Check Out Our Exclusive Tomorrowland Key Chains

By IMAX on Май 15, 2015

Get your IMAX® tickets to Tomorrowland today for a chance to bring home an exclusive key chain!

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If You Need 20,000 Devices, It’s Time To Upgrade. #NeverCompromise

By IMAX on Май 14, 2015

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