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Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Screening Series: Frankenweenie in IMAX® 3D

By IMAX на дату Октябрь 5, 2012

Cast of Frankenweenie

We can all relate to Victor Frankenstein, an impressionable young boy who loves his pet dog Sparky more than anything. Just imagine: Sparky and Victor side by side, making movies, conducting experiments, and getting into all sorts of mischief. Now picture Victor: brokenhearted from losing his best friend Sparky. Yes, we know, very sad. While many of us would try to forget the pain of losing our best pet pal, Victor has another idea. Inspired by his science teacher, Mr. Rzykruski, Victor finds a way to bring Sparky back to life – sending the small town of New Holland into shock.

 Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Screening Series of Frankenweenie in IMAX 3D

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Screening Series presented by IMAX, many eager fans were able to have the first look at this heartwarming tale and experience the genius of Tim Burton in IMAX 3D.

LA Times Hero Complex Screening Line

Those are some dedicated fans.

Hero Complex IMAX 3D Screening of Frankenweenie

But guess who was first in line? These guys!

After the screening, fans were treated to a Q&A with the legendary Martin Landau!

Martin Landau Speaks About Frankenweenie

In Frankenweenie, Landau’s third collaboration with Tim Burton, he voices the character of Mr. Rzykruski (try saying that three times), Victor Frankenstein’s controversial science teacher. Many will agree that there’s a bit of resemblance between Landau and Rzykruski. What do you think?

Mr. Kzykruski from Frankenweenie Martin Landau at Frankenweenie Premiere

Landau spoke about his unique relationship with Tim Burton and their kinesthetic connection. “Tim and I don’t finish a sentence,” Landau explains during his interview with Hero Complex contributor Rebecca Keegan. “We kind of understand each other.”

Check out part 1 of Martin Landau’s interview with Hero Complex: ‘Frankenweenie’: Martin Landau praises Burton, Hitchcock, ‘goofy’ directors

Landau got creative developing the voice of Mr. Rzykruski, a character assigned no birthplace in the script, but labeled, rather generically, “European.” Landau designated the character a citizen of the imagined country of “Slobovia” and invented for him the native accent of “slobs.”

Learn more about what went into creating the voice of Mr. Rzykruski in part 2 of his interview with Hero Complex: ‘Frankenweenie’: Martin Landau is part Vincent Price, part ‘Slob’

Martin Landau at Hero Complex

Landau candidly recalls working on Burton’s Ed Wood and his relationship with Vincent Price, who was part of the inspiration for his portrayal of Mr. Rzykruski.

After seeing the film for the first time, Landau was stunned by how the Rzykruski puppet came to life on screen.  Mr. Rzykruski’s movements and expressions were exactly  as Landau had imagined when voicing the character. He seemed utterly elated that the collaborative vision of Burton and the animation team could be so in tune with his own.  Watch part 3 here: ‘Frankenweenie’: Inside the Actor’s Studio with Martin Landau

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