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What’s So Cool About IMAX® 12:01 Prints?

By IMAX на дату Январь 14, 2013

IMAX 12:01 Banner

In 2011, the IMAX® 12:01 program was born. Fans were able to receive their very first 12:01 print at the midnight showing of Real Steel.  

What you may not know is that IMAX worked with SA Studios to launch the first print in this exclusive IMAX program. SA Studios’ Patrick Martinez was the creative force behind the artwork that would kick-off the program. Keep reading to find out how you can win ALL the IMAX 12:01 prints from 2012!

Real Steel IMAX 12:01

Patrick’s style is fluid, combining a mix of fine art techniques with industrial design and hip hop culture. Check out his full bio on SA Studios’ website. His original artwork left fans in awe and excited to take home this exclusive print.

With the tremendous feedback we received from Real Steel, we couldn’t wait to debut the next 12:01 print for Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol. Working with Matt Owens from Gallery 1988,

we created a piece combining the familiar Mission: Impossible fuse with the iconic Burj Khalifa. Check out some of Matt’s other cool designs on his website.

We were thrilled to be able to work with Mondo artists on both John Carter and The Amazing Spider-Man. In this print, JC Richard took the 100 year-old story of John Carter and turned this 12:01 into a true visit to Mars.

Creating artwork for The Amazing Spider-Man was no easy feat, which is why we looked to another Mondo artist, Laurent Durieux for his artistic genius. This extremely talented artist was able to combine both elements of the upcoming film with a comic book feel. It proved to be a win for both movie fans and comic book lovers alike! Check out the cool artwork below:

When we were searching for a way to recreate the ravaged streets of NYC featured in the summer blockbuster Marvel’s The Avengers, who better to work with than Marvel themselves? Drawn by artist Ryan Meinerding, this stunning piece showcases the entire Avenger’s team. Check out that awesome back drop of Grand Central!

Avengers 12:01 Print

For Frankenweenie, fans were able to take home an original sketch from beloved filmmaker Tim Burton, and nothing can top that. This frame-worthy print mirrored the artistry that went into the making of this Academy-nominated film.


Saying farewell to 2012 wasn’t so easy, but we certainly went out on a high note. We ended 2012 with an exclusive collector’s set four character prints from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. These keepsakes were as awesome as The Hobbit movie itself! Check them out below:

Many IMAX 12:01 prints have garnered tons of attention. Ridley's Scott's Prometheus ranked #3 on Flavorwire's 30 Best Movie Poster of 2013. You can see other 12:01 prints featured in the January edition of Empire Magazine's Alt-Poster Cool, which highlights desirable alternatives to the standard movie poster. Frankenweenie, The Dark Knight Rises, SKYFALL, and John Carter nabbed a spot on their list!

We hope that you were able to grab each and every IMAX 12:01 print by attending a midnight showing of these great films, but if you didn't get the chance to you now have another opportunity. Follow us on Twitter @IMAX to find out more on how you can win ALL of the exclusive IMAX 12:01 prints from 2012.


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