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Egg Found During Documentary Location Scout Proven to be Dinosaur

By IMAX 上 四月 1, 2013


Pisces, MT 4/1/2013

Late Sunday night, a newborn dinosaur was hatched at the Phillips County Bird Refuge in Pisces, Montana, a small town located along the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Pisces is home to two stops along the trail, which connects some of the largest fossil and bone discovery sites in the United States.  Pisces is known for the discovery of Leonardo in 2003, one of the best preserved dinosaurs ever unearthed.

The dinosaur, which has tentatively been identified as a beipiaosaurus, hatched from the egg of a California condor that was discovered earlier that day by IMAX filmmakers during a scout for an upcoming documentary. During the scout, newcomer Jacob Clark stumbled upon the egg while surveying the area.  The egg was immediately taken to the bird refuge for safe keeping, where it astonished authorities when it hatched a dinosaur later that night.  The newborn has been taken to local experts for examination, but the location has not been released.

The California condor is one of the most endangered bird species worldwide.  Although they were common throughout the western United States during the nineteenth century, less than 200 condors remain in the wild today, and very few are known to live east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  It has long been known that birds are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs, meaning there is a possibility that they carry recessive genes dating back to their earliest ancestors.

The newborn has been identified as a beipiaosaurus due to its feathers and toothless beak.  It also appears to have reduced inner toes, which are considered a precursor to the partially developed middle toe of the condor. Both the condor and the beipiaosaurus belong to the phylum Chordata. 

Early this morning, the bird refuge released this statement in regards to their newly hatched beipiaosaurus:

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