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Spidey Talk

By IMAX 上 七月 10, 2012

TASM Highlights, Recaps, Reviews and More

The Amazing Spider-Man is a fresh look at Spidey and tells a new story of Peter Parker as a high-schooler who’s on a journey of self-discovery. After its July 3 release many have hit the web to share their take on the new Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as his high school love, Gwen Stacy. There’s no question this version of Spidey is unlike any other and has the web buzzing. Here are a few interesting highlights on The Amazing Spider-Man. Take a look below.

Check out this piece from Cinema Blend that shows how the Spider-Man trilogy and Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man aligns with the original comic. Very insightful excerpt below:

The Spider Bite

In The Comics: The story of how Midtown High’s only professional wallflower became Spider-Man began when he first decided to go to a radioactivity exhibit at the local science museum. During the middle of an experiment that Peter is watching, a spider crosses into a radioactive beam, lands on Peter’s hand, and bites him. The effects of the bite are almost instantaneous, as Peter leaves the museum and immediately shows off his spider-sense skills. And thus, Spider-Man was born…

How The Amazing Spider-Man Does It: Webb chooses not to stray too far from formula either, but does add his own details. He skips the museum and the random genetics lab and replaces them with Oscorp (which is working on cross-species genetics…though we’ll talk more about that later) and instead of hitting Peter’s hand, the advanced spider finds its way to the hero’s neck. I won’t spoil how, when or where, but the effects of the bite take a bit longer than in the first comic and a bit shorter than in Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Read more comparisons on Spidey’s costume, Peter’s parents, the love story and much more here.

 On Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker:

Comicbookmovie.com writes: “TASM is great to look at. The CGI is VERY good, and the Andrew Garfield looks like a true to life Comic version of Peter Parker. With his wiry body and big spikey hair he looks like he's been pulled right out of the comic. The web-slinging POV and other shots are very good and usually end up in some sort of Iconic imagery. The poses that Garfield had to strike are incredible.” Click here for the full scoop.

San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Garfield, a good actor, has a prickly, ruffled undertone that makes him, by nature, more active, more angry and more suited to prowling the streets at night. It's easier to believe in his anger.” Check out the full review here.

On the NEW Spider-Man story:

News Strait Times writes: “So what is the coolest thing about The Amazing Spider-Man? Two words — Imax 3D (where available). With the reboot, viewers have come to expect all kinds of aerial dives, spins, jumps and fantastic leaps and the good thing is, they are all there. And with the jumbo Imax screen and the crisp digital quality with 3D effects, it can be unnerving at times, especially when Peter Parker (Garfield) dives head first from very tall buildings.” Click here for more Spidey love.


 The Blog by The Huffington Post writes: “The good news is that The Amazing Spider-Man is truly amazing. Yes, it's an origin story. And yes, it's an excellent one. It's engaging and thrilling and even moving, and our screening was visually stunning in 3-D IMAX. Tip-top score by James Horner, too. Enthused, I spoke with its director, Marc Webb.” (continued below)

Marc Webb on the emotion behind the action:

Weirdly, in the action, the same principles apply as in the other scenes. An action scene, at its best, has an emotional undercurrent," he reveals to aspiring filmmakers the world around. "It's about character development. At the beginning of the scene, Peter Parker is motivated primarily by vengeance; his crimefighting is incidental. At the end of the scene...there's a reconciliation...the like of which Peter Parker realizes he's never going to have. Andrew does a beautiful thing, he tilts his head to the side, and you realize there's a kid behind this mask, envying that experience, envying that moment -- but also letting it go. It's one of my favorite moments in the movie, because there's a real emotional connection to the action.” Don’t you just love the emotion that Spidey-talk evokes from Webb? We do too. Read more here.

It’s no surprise that The Amazing Spider-Man is well…AMAZING when viewed in IMAX 3D. Click here to find your nearest IMAX® theatre. Check out the Spidey Highlight Reel below.


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