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Super Cool The Amazing Spider-Man 2 IMAX FANFIX™ Concept Art

By IMAX 上 五月 9, 2014

Have you ever wondered just how artists come up with the cool artwork for the IMAX FANFIX™? Well, with a character like Spider-Man, it can be difficult to come up with just one concept that embodies his character, his story or the villians that he faced on a daily basis.

When developing the IMAX FANFIX art for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, UK artist Matt Taylor came up with several concepts that captured different moments in the life of Spidey. Below you'll find the concept art that he developed before reaching the final which was used for most recent The Amazing Spider-Man 2 IMAX FANFIX including commentary from Matt on what he wanted to achieve with each piece.

"This is the tower at the top of the Empire State Building. I wanted to show spidey away from it all at a quiet spot above the city."


"These are my take on a battle between the villains of the piece and spidey with electro front and center. Obviously, I hadn't seen the film while i was doing these sketches, so they were meant to be more interpretive than an accurate representation of a scene in the movie. I tried to make them feel explosive and dynamic with the low angle on the action to show off some of Times Square."

"This was as close as I got to a traditional hero-shot style poster, with Spider-man against a webbed backdrop. The individual panels from the webbing were filled with patterns that were going to represent the three villains - smashed rock and masonry for the Rhino, flames for the Goblin and lightning bursts for Electro."

"This was a kind of inverse view of the poster that we went forward with as the final artwork and has the same sort of theme. It's Spidey set against the city (which is as much a part of the Spider-Man story as the other characters), swinging through the skycrapers. This was my favorite of the sketches apart from the one that was chosen, and I think it captured some of the fun side of Spidey."

Thank you to Matt for giving us a look into how he developed the IMAX FANFIX for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. ICYMI, here is a look at the final art that was chosen and handed out to the fans who made it to the first showing of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We know what makes the artwork above worthy of the IMAX FANFIX treatment, but what do you think about the concept pieces? Would you have chosen another? If so, tell us what you liked most about the art in the comments below.

If you missed the opportunity to get the IMAX FANFIX or just can't get enough of these cool prints, stay tuned for news on upcoming IMAX FANFIX prints for upcoming movies.