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IMAX, China Media Capital Launch Film Fund For Local-Language Tentpoles

By Deadline: Nancy Tartaglione 上 六月 16, 2015

Already a brand force in ChinaIMAX is expanding its Middle Kingdom footprint with a fund earmarked for local-language productions. The IMAX China Film Fund has been set up with subsidiary IMAX China and partner China Media Capital with the aim of investing in a minimum of 10 Mandarin-language tentpoles based on an initial capitalization of up to $50M. The partnership with CMC will target investments of $3M-$7M per film in a market whose local box office share is about on par with Hollywood’s.

IMAX is well-known in China where large-format screens and 3D are huge box office drivers. This weekend’s champ, Jurassic Worldgrossed $11.8M of the $100M Middle Kingdom total on 208 IMAX screens. IMAX occupied the top-grossing locations in China where the company’s all-time record for an opening weekend isAvengers: Age Of Ultron with $17.05M. On that one, eight of the Top 10 locations were IMAX engagements.


IMAX Sets 10 Film Fund With China Media Capital

By Variety: Patrick Frater 上 六月 15, 2015

IMAX China has some 200 screens in current commercial operation in China and a further 225 in backlog

SHANGHAI – IMAX China has partnered with state-backed private equity firm China Media Capital to launch a new film fund.


Why and how 'Jurassic World' broke records

By CNBC: Julia Boorstin 上 六月 15, 2015

Universal's "Jurassic World" broke all sorts of records; foremost, it became the first film to ever surpass $500 million worldwide in a single weekend. In the U.S. it far exceeded expectations, grossing $205 million, the second-biggest debut ever, behind Marvel's "The Avengers" in 2012, which brought in more than $207 million.

Not only will Universal more than make back the $150 million it cost to make the movie, plus tens of millions more to market it, but it breathes new life into a decades-old franchise, and numerous toy spinoffs.

So why did the old dinosaurs roar back in such a massive way?


I've seen the future and — surprise — it's in 3D

By Toronto Star: Peter Howell 上 六月 11, 2015

Tom Hardy roars across the screen in Mad Max: Fury Road, spectacular when seen with new 3D technology.

Watching Mad Max: Fury Road in 3D on IMAX with Laser at Scotiabank Theatre simply blew me away. It was like watching the film, which I love and had already seen twice, for the first time.

New technology has become a hard sell for me lately, because so much of it disappoints.


'Jurassic World' to Get Biggest-Ever Worldwide Release by Imax

By The Hollywood Reporter: Etan Vlessing 上 六月 8, 2015

Jurrasic World is directed by Colin Trevorrow and produced by Frank Marshall, and builds on executive producer Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park series.

The Chris Pratt-starring reboot will play on over 800 super-sized screens from Wednesday.