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IMAX is not your everyday film experience.  So it’s not surprising that IMAX employees aren’t ordinary either. Once they arrive at IMAX, for example, they don’t ever want to leave.  Twenty-year veterans at many companies are unusual – with awards and parties on their anniversaries.  At IMAX there are several in every office (they get awards and parties too!). 

Another notable thing about our people is their range of nationalities – Russians, Australians, Chinese, Americans and Canadians – you name it. The company in fact, can’t seem to settle on its country.  In Toronto, they’ll tell you IMAX is Canadian and technology. In Los Angeles, it’s all Hollywood and showbiz.  In New York, of course, it’s business, strategy and brand.

Lastly and most importantly, IMAX employees share a passion for quality in everything they do. Its Hollywood people are movie business insiders with years of production experience.  Its technology experts are unashamedly geeky – people who can talk for hours, and be riveting, about color gamut and lasers. Its business people are consummate salesmen (and women) – true believers who are spreading the IMAX word around the world. 

But the ultimate tellers of the people-story are IMAX people themselves.  Below you’ll find a video that we think explains why so many IMAX employees stick around for so long – their commitment to quality and technology, and passion for making moviegoers believe.