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IMAX Movies

An IMAX movie takes you someplace you dream of going and may never reach. It’s surprising. It stretches your imagination. It can inspire you to see the world a different way.

You can easily conjure up these worlds, but they are orders of magnitude more difficult to put on film. And that challenge is why Hollywood’s most ambitious, most accomplished filmmakers – Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott; Tim Burton and Michael Bay – increasingly insist on making IMAX movies.  It’s why actors compete to be in them. It’s why studios all over the world are willing to invest in the extra preparation and thought and resources to make them. And it’s why the film community is pushing the envelope to make even more transporting IMAX pictures.

And, not incidentally, that is why we currently turn down half a dozen film proposals for every IMAX movie that we present.  So we get to be choosier about the films we think will resonate most with our global audience – films that our fans will show up to see at midnight, films that make people say, “now that is something I’ll have to see in IMAX.”

IMAX presents three kinds of films - all IMAX and all spectacular.