IMAX is not your everyday entertainment experience. In fact, it's unlike anything else.

It’s not surprising that IMAX employees and their careers go beyond the ordinary. Our employees share a passion for quality in everything they do. Our Hollywood people are entertainment business insiders with unparalleled production experience. Our technology experts are unashamedly geeky – people who can talk for hours, and be riveting, about color gamut, aspect ratios and lasers. Our business people are consummate sales and marketing professionals who are spreading the IMAX word around the world.

Driven by our employees’ commitment to take audiences to places they’ve only dreamed of – IMAX has revolutionized the way people experience entertainment.


To connect the world through extraordinary experiences that inspire us to reimagine what’s possible, together.


In everything we do, we embody the pioneering spirit that lifted IMAX to the stars, across the natural world, and into theatres around the globe.
We empower creativity and champion innovation. We are relentless in the face of challenges and undaunted by failure. We are unmistakably entrepreneurs and work with urgency, keep things simple, and focus on what matters. We react quickly and operate with flexibility.
We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers to help IMAX reach its potential. No matter how big the task, our teams step up and step into the void to get the job done. We attract and grow the best people and work with integrity and trust. We push the bar higher for ourselves and for the company.


We know everyone works differently and is motivated by different things. That’s why we offer competitive total compensation and rewards that extends far beyond salary and standard benefits. We offer a total compensation, benefits and rewards program to help you make the most of your life at work and away from it. IMAX recognizes the benefit of supporting the health and wellness (lifestyle) of its employees. Use our annual employee wellness allowance to take yoga classes, to train for a half-marathon or for ski lift tickets.

We believe you're more than your job. At IMAX, we help you get the most of your life at work and away from it.

Our People

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
"I truly believe in the vision and standards IMAX has worked so hard for over the years. From the moment you step into the building, there is a strong sense of community. I heart IMAX!"
Cathy Metcalfe
VP, Theatre Development
“Working at IMAX for more than 20 years has afforded me diverse professional experience while allowing me to have balance between my career and family. While I love that there is no such thing as a typical day for me, what I love the most is being a part of an amazing group of people who come together to produce an experience that I can be proud of.”
Emily Kwong
Art Director
“IMAX creates opportunities to grow creatively and build towards your dream career. When you’re surrounded by wonderful people who believe in doing great work, there’s always something new to learn.”
Valeska Fernandes
Director, Inventory & Film Finance
“The people, the creativity, the innovation, the culture are all part of what makes IMAX a remarkable brand and workplace. The continuous learning and growth opportunities keep employees engaged and excited. I feel a sense of pride every time I see 'IMAX' flash across a screen or appear in headlines!”
Cinzia Bonaldi
VP, Customer Service
"It is always exciting to work with a community of people that create an amazing culture of belonging and inclusivity. IMAX is full of opportunities, innovation, as well as new and unique ideas, all thanks to the passion of its people!"
Mike Klass
Web Systems Engineer
"My mom really likes IMAX. So do a lot of my friends. One time, I told this dude I worked at IMAX, and he goes 'WOAH dude like that big ol' screen we used to watch the science movies on for school field trips?' and I'm like 'Yeah bro, that's the one.' It makes me very proud to work at a company that stands for the best quality images and sound. It continually impresses me to see the investments and innovations in technologies to ensure IMAX stays at the cutting edge of film exhibition."

A career without limits?

You have unique experiences, skills and capabilities and we want you to bring them to IMAX in exchange for a rich and rewarding career experience that will surprise you.

Whether you have a passion for entertainment, finance, engineering, marketing or technology, we’ve got endless opportunities for you around the world.