IMAX® to Open First Ever Theatre in Cannes
Jul 8, 2021

Cutting-Edge IMAX with Laser Theatre to Open in Compagnie Cinématographique de Cannes’ New Cineum Cannes Later this Summer 


CANNES, France – July 8, 2021 – IMAX (NYSE: IMAX) and Compagnie Cinématographique de Cannes (CCC) today announced that the first-ever IMAX theatre in Cannes, France will debut in the new Cineum Cannes multiplex when it opens to the public later this summer. 


Complete with cutting-edge IMAX with Laser technology, the new theatre will be the first IMAX with CCC and brings The IMAX Experience closer than ever before to the iconic Cannes Film Festival, which began earlier this year on July 6. CCC plans to pursue official venue status for the IMAX theatre for future editions of the Cannes Film Festival, along with local festivals including the Cannes Series, MIP, and more. IMAX will seek the to use the film for premieres and to bring world-class IMAX filmmakers to Cannes for exclusive screenings.


“This is a milestone event for IMAX, as we’ve long sought to expand the world’s foremost theatrical experience to one of the most iconic cities in global cinema,” said Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX. “We are thrilled to begin our partnership with Compagnie Cinématographique de Cannes at this truly special location, and bring The IMAX Experience to the home of the storied Cannes Film Festival and some of the world’s most passionate cinephiles.”


“The opening of the IMAX at Cineum Cannes represents a celebration of filmmaking and groundbreaking entertainment experiences. With IMAX, our audiences both local and those who flock the region annually for the Cannes Film Festival, among others, will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a state-of-the-art theatre designed to transport them into the world’s biggest stories,” said Philippe Borys-Combret, CEO of Compagnie Cinématographique de Cannes.


The massive IMAX theatre at Cineum Cannes will become a global flagship location for the Company. The 513-seat theatre will include a 22.45-meter screen and feature premium motorized seating. Conceived by CCC as a “sanctuary for art, architecture and design,” the Cineum Cannes was designed by celebrated French architect Rudy Ricciotti and unfolds over four stories built in local white concrete. Cineum Cannes includes a promenade with an art exhibition space, inaugurated with the Paradis Artificiels exhibition by acclaimed visual artist Miguel Chevalier, as well as several restaurants and more. 


The IMAX with Laser technology in Cineum Cannes is a groundbreaking 4K system that features a new optical engine, custom designed lenses, and a suite of proprietary technology that delivers brighter images with increased resolution, deeper contrast, and the widest range of colors exclusively to IMAX screens. The theatre at Cineum Cannes will also include a 12-channel sound system exclusive to IMAX theaters. 


The new IMAX theatre was showcased for the first time during an exclusive Cannes Film Festival screening event held at Cineum Cannes earlier today. With the addition of Cineum Cannes, IMAX will have 17 theatres across France since its first theatre opened in the country in 2005. IMAX has steadily grown its business in the market, with 2019 being its biggest box office year in France to date. 



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