Toluca Re-Opens with IMAX® This Month

IMAX and Promocion Cultural Mexiquense announce the re-opening of the IMAX® theatre in Toluca, Mexico on July 29. The theatre launches with a new name – the Cinépolis IMAX Toluca Centro - and is located near Museo Victoria. Promocion Cultural Mexiquense opens the IMAX theatre and Museo Victoria as an important part of a new, large cultural and entertainment center in Toluca.  The IMAX theatre will exhibit IMAX documentary films and, in cooperation with Mexico’s largest cinema chain, Cinépolis, Hollywood releases using a new IMAX digital system.

Industry Veteran Turns Tide at Virginia Air and Space Center

In November 2014, Bob Griesmer became Executive Director of the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, Virginia. Since then, the Space Center has seen a resurgence in attendance – including attendance in its IMAX theatre – returning to profitability for the first time since 2007.

Griesmer has made a lot of changes to the museum including new branding as the NASA Visitor’s Center. Griesmer’s team also revamped its gift shop and food service area, brought in more traveling exhibits, and created learning labs for school groups. “This place comes alive with excitement when kids are in the lab with the specialized programs that we have developed” says Griesmer, when speaking about their new robotics lab.

Griesmer made big changes to VASC’s IMAX programming approach with positive results.  They are being more selective with their programming to focus primarily on IMAX documentaries and Hollywood content when it relates to their mission such as with Star Wars: The Force Awakens this past December, the re-release of The Martian in February and Star Trek coming out this summer.

Many industry veterans know Griesmer from his work at The Maritime Aquarium IMAX in Norwalk, CT.  You can view the entire Daily Press article here.


Bullock Texas State History Museum to Convert to IMAX® with Laser

IMAX and the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, Texas, announced an agreement to install IMAX’s next-generation digital laser projection system – IMAX® with Laser – at its IMAX® theatre. The groundbreaking new laser technology will replace the Museum’s current IMAX xenon digital projection system and further enhance The IMAX Experience® for visitors.

IMAX with Laser represents a quantum leap forward in cinema technology — providing audiences with the sharpest, brightest, clearest and most vivid digital images ever, combined with a whole new level of immersive audio. The technology will enable the Bullock Texas States History Museum to deliver the full array of the highest-quality IMAX digital content available. This will not only further enhance The IMAX Experience® for its patrons it will also offer the Museum a competitive advantage that can serve as a catalyst for future growth.

“Delivering premium experiences has always been a critical part of our mission and business,” said Dr. Victoria Ramirez, Director, Bullock Texas State History Museum. “IMAX is the only company that can deliver those experiences on our giant screen and we’re delighted to adopt IMAX with Laser – the future of cinema technology.”

“We are extremely pleased to continue our 16-year partnership with the Bullock Texas State History Museum,” said Don Savant, IMAX President of Global Sales, Development & Exhibitor Relations.  “We are proud that this prestigious institution looks to IMAX to deliver the world’s best giant screen cinematic experience and together we will introduce a new chapter of immersive moviegoing in Texas.”

Designed from the ground-up for IMAX's largest screens, the dual 4K laser projection system is equipped with a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies capable of projecting an image with up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio with maximum resolution and sharpness, unparalleled 2D and 3D brightness, industry-leading contrast and an expanded color gamut that will allow filmmakers to present more vivid and exotic colors than ever before.

The new system also includes IMAX's next-generation sound technology that delivers even greater power and precision for ultimate audio immersion. It has been upgraded to 12 discrete channels plus sub-bass, and includes additional side channels as well as new overhead channels that will improve the system's ability to position sounds around the audience and further ensure every seat is the best in the house.

Some of the world’s most iconic venues have installed IMAX with Laser including the Smithsonian’s Air and Space museums (Washington, DC and Chantilly, VA), the Pacific Science Center’s Boeing® IMAX Theatre (Seattle), the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim (Germany) and the Museum Victoria IMAX Theatre (Australia).

For more information on IMAX with laser, please visit:


New IMAX Brand Marketing Campaign

At IMAX, we share your passion for exploration, discovery and adventure – and a new IMAX Brand Campaign designed expressly for our museum partners communicates that message. The new campaign was recently adapted for museum audiences and launched strategically with the release of A Beautiful Planet.

The initial campaign establishes the campaign sentiment and introduces the use of IMAX as an active verb: “I feel movies / I live movies / I love movies / IMAX movies.  Understanding that, in a museum setting, IMAX means more than must a movie, the brand campaign has been adapted to resonate deeply with museum consumers, including families, educators, and school groups. “I love exploration / I love discovery / I love adventure / I love IMAX” captures the feeling that this ultimate immersive experience unlocks!  The words and creative in the campaign were altered to better represent the museum audience but the sentiment of passion and the emotional connection experienced while watching IMAX documentary films remains. 

Display the new IMAX Brand Campaign throughout your museum and IMAX theatre lobby area with Posters (27”x40”) and double-sided hanging Banners (5’x8’ vertical). Contact Chase Martin in IMAX Marketing for complimentary materials.