FRIDAY FEATURE: Amazing Disney Franchises Set to Continue in IMAX
Feb 24, 2017

Happy Friday, IMAX fans! 

Exciting news this week! IMAX and Disney announced they have signed a new multi-picture deal through 2019.

What does this mean exactly? Fans around the world will continue to be able to experience some of Disney’s most popular franchises, as well as exciting new properties in the most immersive format – in IMAX!

For this week’s Friday Feature, I wanted to highlight the franchises returning to IMAX screens (along with some making their IMAX debut):

First up, from the Marvel Universe, several highly anticipated installments in worldwide blockbuster franchises will return to IMAX screens, including Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Avengers sequel, both of which are being filmed in their entirety using IMAX cameras, as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp, which continues the thrilling saga that began with the Ant-Man in 2015.

And while Marvel’s Black Panther superhero debuted in Captain America: Civil War, the character will get his first very own movie in the Marvel Universe – Black Panther.

Lastly, from Marvel Studios, we’re so excited for the upcoming Captain Marvel, played by Academy Award® winner Brie Larson, who is starring in the upcoming IMAX release of Universal’s Kong: Skull Island.

Shifting to the animation front, the toys are back in IMAX with Pixar’s hugely successful, one-of-a-kind Toy Story franchise returning to IMAX screens with Toy Story 4!

Meanwhile, making their first foray in IMAX are Incredibles 2 and the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

Finally, what Disney announcement would be complete without Lucasfilm?

IMAX is so excited to welcome back into IMAX theatres the next installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, especially after having been part of the exclusive IMAX re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 2012.

Last, but certainly not least, IMAX will welcome back to its screens a little franchise called Star Wars, with three brand-new installments, including the untitled Han Solo Star Wars anthology film, the newly titled film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Star Wars: Episode IX.

As if you needed any added reason to see Disney’s newest Star Wars in IMAX, the companies revealed that director Rian Johnson has captured key sequences of Star Wars: The Last Jedi using IMAX’s extremely high-resolution cameras! This follows in the footsteps of J.J. Abrams, who brought to life some of the most thrilling moments from Star Wars: The Force Awakens using IMAX cameras.

So there you have it! Amazing Disney legacies – along with some fresh faces – set to make their mark in IMAX!