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ADWEEK: IMAX's Beautifully Shot Campaign Reminds You of Everything You Love About the Movies
Jul 1, 2016

A 60-second ode to film 

Why do you love movies? Maybe it's the thrill of an action-packed fight sequence. Or maybe you love a good underdog story. Whatever it is that you love about movies, IMAX aims to capture it in its thrilling new global campaign.

A 60-second campaign anthem, created in partnership with agency Mistress, captures all of the different genres of film that have made IMAX so popular over the years, from fantasy films to big-budget superhero movies. The entire spot plays out as a love letter of sorts to film and IMAX movies, but captures that sentiment in a way that people all over the world can understand.

"We realized that IMAX is called IMAX no matter where you are in the world," Lixaida Lorenzo, ACD at Mistress, told Adweek. "We thought, why don't we turn IMAX into that synonym for the love of movies. That's why you'll see in everything we're doing we have copy that reads something like 'I Love Movies, IMAX movies.'"

With some of the brand's media placements being on IMAX screens (naturally), the work needed to feel big, beautiful and cinematic. Each scene, shot in South Africa, uses the brand's new IMAX ALEXA 65 camera, an amazing feat on its own considering that this campaign is the first ad to ever be shot entirely with an IMAX camera. The team even had to plan its shooting schedule around when the cameras were available, as they are typically being used on the set of some of Hollywood's biggest movies.

"Every scene was treated like a film, we even forgot in the process that we were just shooting a commercial," Lorenzo added.

IMAX CMO Eileen Campbell told Adweek one of the main goals of the campaign was to produce creative that would resonate around the world. "As a team, we're proud that we feel like we've created something that is globally consistent, but locally relevant," Campbell said. It's also meant to remind people that while the movies themselves get people into theaters, the impeccable IMAX screens keep people coming back time and time again.

Other components of the campaign include movie posters, a staple in the movie business. But instead of creating standard, static posters, Mistress worked on animated movie posters featuring poetic lines including "I crave movies, IMAX movies" and "I feel movies, IMAX movies."

Take a look at how the new spot came together.