IMAX to Re-Master More Films for China’s Huayi Bros.Variety
Sep 12, 2012

IMAXThe large-screen company has been looking to partner on more local-language movie releases with a eye on potentially exporting them to other large markets.

IMAX Corp. and Chinese film studio Huayi Bros. Group on Wednesday unveiled an expansion of their partnership that had started with the theatrical release of Aftershock: The IMAX Experience in 2010.

They will partner on the digital re-mastering of four upcoming Huayi Bros. films in the IMAX format. They will be released in theaters across China throughout the remainder of 2012. The companies also said they have agreed to present an additional three Huayi Bros. films in IMAX, bringing to eight the total of number of films included under the expanded partnership.

The first four films, announced at a press conference in Beijing, are martial arts action films Tai Chi 0, which will be released on Sept. 27, and sequel Tai Chi Hero, which follows on Oct. 25, historical drama Back to 1942, which doesn’t have a launch date yet, and adventure film Chinese Zodiac, which will reach IMAX theaters on Dec. 20.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Huayi Bros. as they share our commitment to showcasing the incredible talent and passion of Chinese cinema,” said IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond. “Today, we are delivering on our promise to present more local-language titles in IMAX for Chinese audiences to enjoy. We believe this strategy will also create opportunities for IMAX to export these films to other large markets, such as Southeast Asia and North America.” Read the entire article on The Hollywood Reporter's website.