FRIDAY FEATURE: An Exciting Look Ahead at IMAX’s Early Sizzling 2017 Slate
Ene. 6, 2017

Hey IMAX fans! Well, it’s here—2017—and with it comes a year of new and exciting entertainment in IMAX. 

Just yesterday, we announced that IMAX will begin the year with a pep in its step, releasing the highly acclaimed original musical La La Land for a special engagement in IMAX theatres beginning Jan. 13. Learn more about the release here.

It’s the perfect way to begin 2017, which is shaping up to be an amazing year in IMAX. Here’s a quick look at this year’s early slate. Get excited!

La La Land (Lionsgate; IMAX release, Jan. 13) — The film already has captured audiences’ hearts in limited release; and in IMAX, movie-goers are primed for an even more thrilling experience, thanks to the pristine image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience®.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage (Paramount; Jan. 20) — The title really says it all. Who doesn’t want to see Vin Diesel reprise his kick-ass role as Xander Cage—in IMAX, no less?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Sony; Jan. 27) — IMAX has had an awesome legacy with this franchise having released several of its previous installments. In fact, the two are practically made for each other. I can’t think of a better way to close out the series than experiencing the final chapter in IMAX.

The Lego Batman Movie (WB; Feb. 10) — Lego+Batman+IMAX=Must see! Need I say more?

The Great Wall (Universal; Feb. 17) — Already thrilling audiences in China, this epic monster movie is primed to hit IMAX theatres Stateside next month, and we are stoked. It’s the kind of giant-sized movie spectacle that begs to be seen in IMAX.

Logan (Fox; March 3) — Hugh Jackman is letting loose his claws for the last time in this dramatic-looking installment, making for one tension-filled ride in IMAX.

Kong: Skull Island (Universal; March 10) — Starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, this Kong-sized tentpole is the perfect candidate for IMAX. I mean, what other format could possibly accommodate the mighty Kong?

Beauty and the Beast (Disney; March 17) — After the successful IMAX releases of Disney’s Maleficent and Cinderella, we’re primed and ready to be enchanted all over again in IMAX with this live-action version of a Disney animated classic. We invite you to …

Ghost in the Shell (Paramount; March 31) — Based on the uber-popular Japanese manga series, Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt and Juliette Binoche is a visual feast—one we can’t wait to experience in IMAX.

The Fate of the Furious (Universal; April 14) — Another film franchise that’s been integral to IMAX, Fast and the Furious offers up its latest installment with The Fate of the Furious—and we can practically feel the adrenaline pumping already.

And that’s just the beginning … with an IMAX slate that also includes such hugely anticipated films as Guardians of the Galaxy 2; Wonder Woman; Transformers: The Last Knight; Spider-Man: Homecoming; Dunkirk; Thor: Ragnarok; Justice League; and, of course, Star Wars: Episode VIII — bring on 2017.

See you at an IMAX theatre!