IMAX, Sasaki Kogyo Ink Deal for Japanese Theater With Laser Projection
Dic. 5, 2013

The deal will see the Cinema Sunshine-branded multiplex screen fitted for a next-generation laser projector.

TORONTO -- IMAX has sold another theater to Sasaki Kogyo, set to be the first in Japan to install next-generation laser projection technology.

The theater, to operate under the Cinema Sunshine brand in a new multiplex in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district, will have a projection system that promises far better brightness and clarity than rival movie projectors.

No word on when the latest Cinema Sunshine IMAX theater will open or install laser projection.

The deal brings Sasaki Kogyo's order of Imax theaters to four, with the first three now operating in Yamatokoriyama, Matsuyama-shi and Tsuchiura-shi. Read more about IMAX's agreement with Sasaki Kogyo on The Hollywood Reporter's website.