REFINERY29: An Exclusive (& Incredibly Badass) Look At The Warriors Of Wonder Woman
Mayo 23, 2017
After years of waiting for the spectacular live-action solo movie she deserves, Wonder Woman finally hits theaters on Friday, June 2. 

The film, directed by Patty Jenkins (whose 2003 drama Monster snagged star Charlize Theron her Oscar), stars Israeli newcomer Gal Gadot as the titular superheroine. The Amazonian princess was born Diana, and raised by a colony of incredibly strong women on a secluded paradise-like island. (It's actually literally called Paradise Island, a.k.a. Themyscira.) When a U.S. army pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on the shores of the island, Diana rescues him and learns of the terrible strife going on in the rest of the world. It becomes her mission to help restore justice and peace — and she steps into her powerful destiny as Wonder Woman in the process.

The film is already getting incredible buzz, with early reviews deeming Wonder Woman a smashing success — thrilling, funny, romantic, and the best thing to come out of the D.C. universe. The movie will be gracing the big screen in both standard formats and in IMAX 3D, which sounds like an appropriately immersive way to experience this badass rebirth of our greatest female superhero.
Below is the IMAX-exclusive art debuting today. The new poster focuses on the trio of fierce, sword-wielding warriors that emerge from Themyscira to kick ass and save the planet (and, in Wonder Woman's case, maybe find a little love along the way).

From left to right, we have:
- Robin Wright as Antiope. The House of Cards star has traded in her impeccably tailored pencil skirts in for something more comfortable: the leather battle-ready getup sported by her fierce warrior. Antiope is Wonder Woman's aunt, and she's actually based on an Amazonian figure from Greek mythology.
- Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The Israeli star is sporting the iconic Wonder Woman look here: headpiece, arm cuffs, and hot shorts included. The woman born Diana will lead her fierce soldiers into battle to save the world, as superheroes do.
- Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta. Danish actress Connie Nielsen plays Wonder Woman's mother; Antiope's sister. The Amazonian Queen looks royal and ready to kick ass in gold and bronze.
Wonder Woman is out in theaters and IMAX theaters nationwide on June 2.