A Beautiful Planet: An Out Of This World Experience In IMAX® on April 29
Sep. 3, 2015
A Beautiful Planet, the latest IMAX 3D documentary film, is making its domestic debut on April 29 and it’s going to be epic. The most recent addition to the amazing list of documentaries by Toni Myers features exclusive footage of Earth showing a new perspective of the place we call home. Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX ®Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment shared his appreciation for Toni’s awesome work. “Toni has crafted a remarkable film that uniquely captures the raw beauty of our planet”.  
Toni Myers has inspired many with her films, including film director Christopher Nolan. 
For decades, Toni has produced many incredible documentary films that have taken us from the bottom of the sea, to the outer most parts of space.  Take a look at a few of our favorites below!
Hubble 3D, Toni’s most recent documentary, came out in 2010. This film followed NASA astronauts as they traveled into space to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.
IMAX Hubble poster image
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From out of this world to Earth’s deepest bodies of water, Under the Sea 3D documented the stunning creatures of the ocean and took the audience underwater on an epic aquatic adventure.  
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The Dream Is Alive was one the most memorable films for director Christopher Nolan when he was growing up. This documentary was the culmination of three shuttle missions in 1984 and was filmed by 14 astronauts. They captured the unbelievable footage of seeing earth from space and an astronaut’s firsthand experience of being weightless in space. 
The Dream is Alive poster image
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To experience Toni Myers’ amazing space documentary about planet Earth, stay tuned for A Beautiful Planet coming to IMAX theatres in April 2016.