Superpower Dogs IMAX Documentary
First Look at The Remarkable IMAX® Documentary Superpower Dogs
Aoû 16, 2018

IMAX, Mars Petcare and Cosmic Picture are pleased to present an exciting first look at Superpower Dogs—a remarkable, live-action documentary.

Superpower Dogs takes audiences on a journey around the world to meet incredible dogs and showcase their extraordinary real-life “superpowers”.

These incredible animals use their superpowers to protect endangered species, save lives in avalanches and earthquakes and make the world a better place.

Meet the stars of Superpower Dogs:

A rookie puppy training with her human partner Fire Captain Cat Labrada to join one of the most elite disaster response teams in America

An avalanche rescue expert saving lives in the Canadian Rockies.

A Newfoundland lifeguard serving in the Italian Coast Guard.

A surf legend in California who transforms the lives of people with special needs.

Tipper and Tony
The Bloodhound brothers leading the fight to save endangered species in Africa.

You can experience Superpower Dogs in IMAX theatres starting March 15, 2019.

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