Check Out Our Latest IMAX® Exclusive Jurassic World Featurette
Jun 26, 2015
With Jurassic World breaking box office records, audiences around the world are showing their enthusiasm for this epic, life-sized action film. Jurassic World’s co-stars Chris Pratt and, Bryce Dallas Howard, along with Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, all agree that this is a must-see in IMAX® theatres.  Colin Trevorrow shared his views on the movie.  “The IMAX experience, specifically in this… is the way to go.”
Have you ever wondered what it felt like to live amongst dinosaurs? IMAX’s immersive screen and sound system pulls you into the movie as if you were actually there.  “When you’re sitting in the theatre watching it in IMAX, I mean, the sound makes you physically vibrate. Watching the movie is like going on some kind of theme park ride” Bryce Dallas Howard explained, “I think people can expect a blast when they see this in theatres, particularly in IMAX.”
To experience it for yourself, check out the entire featurette above!