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Ashburn, VA, United States

The Young Black Stallion

公開日 (USA): 十二月 25, 2003. レーティング: G. 上映時間: 49 min. Directors: Simon Wincer.
Set in Northern Africa at the conclusion of World War II, this extraordinary film follows the adventures of a young girl named Neera, who becomes separated from her family and finds herself alone in the desert. When a wild stallion (whom Neera names Shetan) comes to her aid, the two form a special bond and the horse helps Neera to return home to her grandfather. As their friendship and trust grow, the girl devises a daring plan to race the wild Shetan (whose name means "the devil") in the annual horse race and help restore her grandfather's reputation. Staking everything on the race, Neera's iron will and courage combined with Shetan's untamed power and determination culminates in some of the most breathtaking and triumphant scenes ever visualized on the giant screen.

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