Adrenaline Rush: Science of Risk
40 min
上映中(米国): 10月 11, 2002
Adrenaline Rush: the Science of Risk takes audiences on a breathtaking journey from extraordinary heights, featuring spectacular footage of extreme skydiving while delving into both the biology of risk-taking and the physics that make human flight possible. Skydiving teams bring audiences along on a secure yet death-defying ride, initiating their jumps from speeding air crafts miles above the immensity of Florida's Keys and California's Mojave Desert. The film also introduces audiences to the awesome sport of base-jumping, with teams of jumpers leaping off spectacular cliffs and mountains, culminating in 4500-foot dives off the magnificent Fjords of Norway. But more than a thrilling visual experience, the film educates audiences on the psychological and physiological forces that are at play in extreme risk-taking and on the physics involved in skydiving, base-jumping, parachuting, and their related activities.